What are Some of the Most Popular Martial Arts to Practice

Here at  krav maga classes in north york you will find out more about different types of martial arts.

Country of origin: America

No army in the world was fighting more than the United States Army. The average Marine fought in two armed conflicts annually every year since 1775. Among the Marines, this martial art has the nickname “Semper Fu”. Today, this skill has progressed by taking the best out of other martial arts in the countries where the Marines led wars. The latest trainings include improvised weapons, bayonets and even parts of the weapon as a pain killer.

Before the MCMAP, Marines used a martial art called LINE system. Line for the “Linear Infighting Neural Override Engagement” whose sole aim was to kill the opponents with stronger bumps into fragile parts of the body. Subsequently, since marines were operating in missions where it was not important to kill everyone present, MCMAP was created as a milder version of LINE and therefore, human. Yes. Now, in a close fight, they only sometimes kill their opponents.

Country of origin: Malaysia

The Pirates, the Portuguese, the British and even the Japanese crashed in Malaysia during the Second World War. Unlike the French, they invented Silat, a martial art in which they drew from each of their attackers a bit. What is the result is the third killer skill in the world. Silat is not like other skills in which it is necessary to achieve mental enlightenment, self-knowledge in meditation or perfectionism of the movement. Silat is concentrated only on causing pain, with no additives. The style is characterized by a quick attack in which it is very important to quickly approach the opponent, break it in ten seconds and then pass it by a strong blow to the face, throat or kidney. There is no honor, no fame, only dirty blows and exploitation of weaknesses. Even encouraging blows to the crotch. Yes. In the testicles. The stronger the punch the better. You must have seen them before on television. All students of this skill in training must experience how it is when someone breaks the line of bricks embedded on the ribs or when you have to bend the metal bars around the neck.

Country of origin: Philippines

Dangerous and old Philippine martial arts based on the beating of the opponents with shamefully small wooden sticks. For hundreds of years, the Filipinos nurtured this tradition and the skill of quick blows, arms or legs, disarming and killing people. The philosophy of Eskrima is that the lack of weapons does not have to mean that you cannot kill an opponent with bare hands. Modern Eskrima has two versions. One is wearing armor for the whole body with masks, while the second version, a bit more brutal, takes place in hens at illegal battles with metal rods and a little sponge.

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