Are You Planning A Twerk Party? Follow These Guidelines

Twerk Party

Following Miley Cyrus’ twerking moves at the MTV VMAs with an Oxford Dictionary entry in 2013, twerking moves have become quite the dance amongst celebrities. The twerking craze became a widespread phenomenon when supported by the hip hop scene; some police officers at the Notting Hill Carnival broke into a ‘twerk frenzy.’ Hitherto, there is hardly a party that involves raunchy dance steps without some twerking moves. A twerk party, as you know it, always culminates into an evening of fun and reckless abandon. What’s a party without it?

From bachelorettes to birthdays, night outs, even corporate scenes, the party isn’t ca complete without a twerk routine. Usually, a twerk party is often outsourced to companies that specialize in different dance routines. When you hire such companies, you will have different dance themes to choose from – whether Video Vixen, Hip Hop Twerk, or Sexylettos. While you are learning raunchy twerk moves, you can tone and firm your muscles without breaking a sweat. For the shy types, the studio lights are kept low so that you let go of your inhibitions.

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Features of twerk party planners

  • Highly reputable for planning bachelorettes and surprise birthday parties. If you want private events or get-togethers, they will plan with you accordingly.
  • Most of the dance companies require little to no dance experience.
  • When it comes to song selection, you can choose a favorite, and the choreography will be tailored for that dance. Although some companies might give you two options to pick from, the majority will allow you to select from a long playlist.
  • Be it a desired location or the company location; twerk party planners are quite eager to work with your descriptions. Nevertheless, they may expect you to cater to the sound system and speakers if the party is at your choice destination different from their company’s.
  • On average, twerk party planners charge between $100 and $150 for dance classes.
  • To ensure that everyone is fully attentive and focused on the dance routine, some twerk party planners do not exceed 40 participants. With a larger crowd, you can expect minimal coordination and cooperation.
  • Twerk dance parties are not limited to a certain number of guests. However, every company has a detailed description of their expectations.

Here are some things to get started with the dance routine

  • Comfortable clothing – Twerk party planners ban certain lose dresses, shoes (such as heels), and accessories that could slow down the dance routine. The best and often comfortable shoes are sneakers. In other cases, you can dance in socks or barefoot during rehearsals and at the party.
  • In case you want a particular song, talk to the twerk party planner a few days before the main event.
  • Flexibility is crucial. Do not stiffen your muscles during dance rehearsals because you might be the reason that the group isn’t making progress. And if you want more moves than just twerking, let the party planner know ahead of time to combine different dance routines during rehearsals.