Clean Your Pee And Buy Synthetic Urine: Two Ways To Saving Your Job

Synthetic Urine

When that stressful and difficult time comes and you have to do the urinalysis at work, you know that something must be done if you’ve been smoking some pot over the weeks before. Getting caught and having a positive result is simply not an option so you have to do something about the problem.

The urinalysis is a kind of test that can only show narcotic leftovers in your body for up to 30 days. If you’ve been smoking weed regularly, this is the top line. If you’ve been taking it occasionally, you’ll have a lot better chance of passing without doing anything.

And we don’t say weed just like that. Even though marijuana is one of the weakest drugs and does almost no damage to your brain while consuming it, getting rid of it from your system is the hardest of all known narcotics. The half-life of cannabis is more times longer than any other drug. That’s why you need to do a lot of work in detoxifying your body from it.

In this article, we’re talking about the two options you have when you need to become clean. One is faster than the other, but the other is way safer than the first one. Read on and see what they are.

Buying synthetic urine

Buying and using the fake piss, or synthetic urine as it is professionally known is the fastest and easiest way to solve this problem. What you need to do is first buy the product from Then, you need to learn how to do the whole process without getting caught.

The fake piss is a product that is made to be exactly like human urine. When you hand it over, the lab practitioners will need a lot of experience and skills to see if it fake. Still, if you make sure that the sample you’re handing over is completely looking like the real thing, there’s no way for them to catch you.

The most important thing you need to mind is the temperature. Everything our body produces is around 95 degrees. When the byproduct comes out of us it has the same temperature and it takes some time before it is cooled down to a lower level. The room temperature that it most probably is before using it is not enough. You’ll have to heat it to the proper one. However, make sure it’s not too heated so the practitioners see that you’ve been doing something to it. Measure it before handing it over so you can be sure that you’ll be fine.

Another important thing when it comes to using synthetic urine is the moment of going to the toilet and peeing. You need to be aware that you can’t be seen using fake urine. Make sure no one notices because if someone finds out, you’ll certainly fail.

Cleaning your pee by the natural way

There’s another way to getting a negative test result and that is by leaving your body to do all the work for some time in getting rid of the toxins from the inside and you only helping it with methods that are well known. See more about body detoxification on this link.

The system sees the narcotics as something that needs to be taken out. The drug is seen as a toxin and you need to detoxify yourself. For that, you’ll have to do some physical exercise and spend a lot of time on the treadmill.

When your body does physical activities – it sweats. Through it, the toxins are getting out of your body. A simple shower then washes away everything that will give a positive result. The problem here is that you can’t do all the work with a one-time exercise.

You need to spend around 10 to 14 days doing this for optimal results. If you like drinking some of the many detox products that are being sold on the market, then you can lower this time to around a week.

With this being said, you need to know that people who are regularly active have the least chance to get positive results. Why? Because THC tends to stay in our body fat. People with the least body fat will have the least chance to have marijuana substances inside them. People who live an unhealthy life will have a lot bigger chance to be caught.

This is why exercise is so important. With it, you get to help your system in flushing the toxins from the inside. The problem here is that you have to spend a lot of time working out and if you’re a person who isn’t doing this daily, it will be really hard to do it all of a sudden. Your body won’t accept the change so fast and you might do more damage than good.

Synthetic Urine


It’s highly important to know that failing this test is absolutely unacceptable. That will mean losing your job. It will also mean being marked as a drug user so getting a good recommendation after leaving the workplace will be impossible. Every new employer that will be interested in you will see that fact – so, failing this is not an option and there’s no discussion about it.

You have to do everything in your power to pass. If that means abstinence for some time, there’s no arguing with this. Understand that getting over this moment is not something that can be negotiated. Even though some drugs are being completely legalized around the world and it’s proven that they are not harmful, you simply can’t allow getting positive results.

The new employer won’t ask what kind of drug you used, did you do it at the office or during the weekend, they’ll just see the facts and they say you’ve been using drugs and you were caught on the urine test. Make sure you do everything in your power not to get caught and to get negative results.