Top 7 Protein Supplements in India 2020

Top 7 Protein Supplements in India 2020

Sports supplements have gained splendid popularity in recent years as the urge to be fit has risen among individuals all across the globe. More and more people are hitting gyms and working on their fitness. People are getting inclined towards bodybuilding and sports supplements are popular among such people.

There is a wide range of sports nutrition supplements in the market today and one such segment is protein. Given the crucial role that protein plays in building staunch muscles and muscle recovery, the market offers a variety of protein supplements ranging from whey protein to casein, pea protein, soy protein, etc. Whey protein out of these is the most popular one due to its rich amino acid profile and the bodybuilding and weight management benefits it offers.

Apart from protein powders, other protein supplements include protein bars which serve as a great nutritious snack and even pre and post-workout support. However, protein powders take the lead when it comes to picking a fuel for muscle building as they help in boosting the daily protein intake and enrich you with lots of other nutrients.

This article has a curated list of top protein powders that you can consume to meet your fitness goals and amp up your bodybuilding experience.

Best protein powders in India to help you fulfill your muscle-building goals

MuscleBlaze Biozyme Whey Protein Isolate

This whey isolate powder is one of the best ones in the market. This is a top-notch protein supplement that offers 25g protein and 5.51g BCAAs per serving to fuel lean muscle growth and muscle recovery. It is a protein powder crafted especially for Indians keeping in mind their dietary habits. It is India’s first protein supplement to be clinically tested to give 50% more protein absorption with 60% higher BCAA absorption as compared to other proteins. It is also labdoor certified for purity and accuracy which ensures that the protein is of impeccable quality and all the protein claims made by the brand are accurate.

ON Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein

Available in multiple delectable flavors, this whey protein powder contains whey isolate and ultra-filtered whey protein concentrate that help in boosting the development of lean muscles. It offers 24g protein and 5.5g naturally-occurring BCAAs per serving to boost muscle growth & recovery post rigorous workout sessions. This product helps in boosting and maintaining the metabolism of your body. This protein powder also helps in boosting your stamina and energy. This premium quality supplement is crafted to help build great muscles and boost immunity.

MuscleTech NitroTech Performance Series

This special formula is crafted to help fitness enthusiasts build strong muscles. It contains creatine for enhanced muscle development. It is packed with whey protein isolate that contains the highest portion of pure proteins. It helps in boosting the muscle recovery process and reduces fatigue and muscle soreness. It fuels you with great energy posy workouts. With each serving of this product, you get 30g protein and 3g creatine to get an enhanced experience of muscle building.

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Ultimate Nutrition Pro Star

This protein powder helps in developing lean muscles. It offers 25g protein per serving to support muscle building. It helps in enhancing strength and athletic performance. It helps in boosting recovery and provides relief in muscle soreness. It also reduces muscle fatigue. This protein powder helps in improving stamina and energy. It also helps in maintaining and improving your body’s metabolism. This supplement also helps in boosting your immunity and enriching you with proper nutrients.

My Protein Impact Whey Protein

This supplement from the brand My Protein delivers impeccable quality protein. It is available in multiple scrumptious flavors. It is loaded with essential amino acids inclusive of 4.5g of BCAAs to support muscle recovery. It is a fast-absorbing protein that serves as an excellent post-workout aid. It also enriches you with 3.6g glutamine per serving to help you build lean and strong muscles.

Six Pack Nutrition 100% Whey

This product offers a potent blend of premium quality whey protein concentrate and whey isolate that absorbs really fast. It is a highly effective scientific blend that offers 25g protein per serving to boost muscle growth and help you build muscle mass. It is rich in BCAAs that offer potential anti-catabolic and anabolic effects. It offers 9.9g leucine that helps in boosting muscle protein synthesis and supports muscle recovery. It also helps in preventing muscle breakdown.

GNC Pro Performance 100% Whey

This protein powder helps in fulfilling your daily protein needs. It replenishes nitrogen to boost protein synthesis in your muscles and support muscle growth and recovery. It offers anabolic building blocks, including BCAAs. With each serving, you get 24g protein to support muscle building. This product has zero added sugar and is thus ideal for calorie conscious people. It has a blend of whey isolate and concentrate whey. It is gluten-free and has a high mixability. It fuels your muscles with clean and pure protein to support growth and recovery.