Tips for Finding a Good Therapist for Yourself


With the increased knowledge about mental health and its disorders, today many people are approaching psychiatrists to attain help for leading a happier life. It is necessary to know that you are choosing the right therapist to help with your mental health disorders. It is necessary to find someone whom you know you can connect with. You need to talk with someone who truly understands not only where you stand but also who you are.

Know What You Want

Finding a good therapist is not supposed to be a rushed decision. First you need to know what you are looking for. Make sure that you know if you are comfortable in facing your psychiatrist directly or over a call. Some people feel safer and comfortable with discussing their problems with their therapist at home rather than at their clinics where they are unable to open up. To provide treatment to such patients, various online therapy platforms are developed such as better help, talk space, Regain, PrimeTherapist, Teen counselling etc. You can either choose from them or visit and talk to your psychiatrist directly.


Experience of Your Therapist

Make sure that you check up the experience of your therapist. If your therapist has a good experience in helping patients with the mental disorder you face, then he might just be the right one to choose.

Don’t Rush

In case you do not feel comfortable with your therapist or are not satisfied with his treatment, do not hesitate. You can always change your therapist and go for the best one. When your mental health is considered, do not make any rushed or bad decisions. You may need to visit more than just one therapist initially and then settle with the one you find right.


Check Licensing

Make sure that you check your therapist’s licensing and insurance. Consulting a licensed therapist is not necessary but it gets safer. You can check up if any kinds of complaints have been signed against him/ her. In many states, such information regarding your therapist can be found online. If that is not possible for you than simply call the board and know more about him/ her.