The 5 Cheapest Places To Buy Property In Cayman Islands

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Statistics show that 10% of the most affluent people in the world own more than 85% of the global wealth while those outside this elite group own less than 1%. To prove this point even further anyone in the top 10% own on average about 3000 times as much as anyone outside of that elite group of people.

The inescapable reality is that everywhere on the planet the majority of people are those who have to work for a living and who are looking for affordable real estate. This is also the case in the Cayman Islands which is why when a person is persistent, they will mostly succeed in finding affordable housing.

5. Savannah

They are always something going on in this region and one of them is a complete tour of the island. There is also the Cayman Island rum and beer tour which provides people with the opportunity to experience firsthand how distilleries in the region operate. They will be able to observe exactly how rum is produced locally and they can also taste the product. People can also swim with dolphins which will allow them to interact with these amazing animals on a very intimate level. Houses is available for US$500,000.

4. Stake Bay

People are attracted to the blowholes in the area which provide them with amazing sights. There is also the popular Cayman Brac Beach Resort as well as Bloody Bay Marine Park. The Seven Mile Beach is not far away and there is also the Grand Cayman turtle farm which should not be missed when exploring this region. Another interesting attraction is the Booby Pond reserve. A three-bedroom beach house is available in the region for US$460,000.

3. West End

Many people who come to this neighborhood take excursions to Scholars Park. For religious people there is the Ministry of peace church. For motor vehicle lovers and there is the Cayman motor Museum. nature lovers go to do Barker’s national Park and the West Bay Beach is also tremendously popular. There is also Dolphin discovery Grand Cayman. For those interested in conservation especially relating to turtles they should most definitely visit the Cayman Turtle Centre as well as other wildlife exhibitions in the area. One of the most popular attractions in the area is the Kittiwake Shipwreck & Artificial Reef. Duplexes is available in the area from approximately US$400,000.

2. Little Cayman


This is in fact the smallest islands in the Cayman Islands. This is still a British overseas territory in the Caribbean. Even so it has many high-quality attractions such as Bloody Bay Marine Park which is a wonderful place which has very large underwater walls which is completely covered in coral. There is also the beach known as Point O’ Sand where the surf is gentle and the sand has an attractive pink hue. You will find lots of bonefish in this region and there are also several bird species which frequent this part of the coast. For the budget constrained individual apartments is available from $288,000.

1. The Bluff

The primary identifying feature for this region is the 140 feet high limestone cliff at the Eastern end which does in fact stretch almost the entire length of this tiny island This limestone cliff dominates most of the surrounding landscape. Nevertheless, on the northern side there are places which can be accessed by hikers and there is the Lighthouse footpath as well as the National trust parrot reserve. Maj. Donald Drive is the road which runs on top of the bluff. A 2000 ft.² house is available for $185000.