Know About Common Skin Disorders

Skin Disorders

Clear, fair, and healthy skin is the desire of everyone, for both men and women. But, Skin disorders are common. Anyone, from a child to an adult is vulnerable to similar skin issues. What may appear as a harmless rash or pimple can turn out to be something serious. We sometimes tend to suffer from skin disorders that have different symptoms and severity. Some are temporary, while others are permanent. Some painless, some painful. Skin diseases can be life-threatening as well. Therefore, it is important that you should know about the common skin disorders so that you can make a well-informed decision and seek immediate care.

  • Acne: Acne is quite common. They can be a result of hormonal changes or external factors. Teenagers are most affected by acne. They appear as red bumps on the skin. Though, generally harmless, in certain cases, it could be the result of underlying health conditions. For example, in women acne could be because of PCOS.
  • Appears on the face, neck, back, chest, and shoulder
  • May leave scars and darken the skin
  • Some are painful cysts and nodules. Acne is composed of Blackheads, whiteheads as well
  • Cold Sore: In medical parlance, a cold sore is known as herpes labialis. It can appear due to viral infection, psychological and environmental factors such as stress and cold respectively. A cold sore is visible. Proper medical help can fasten healing and reduce recurrence and its appearance.
  • It appears near the mouth and lips
  • A red painful, fluid-filled blister
  • The person may experience a tingling or burning sensation before the blister appears.
  • Cold Sores are often accompanied by body fever, aches, swollen lymph nodes, and other symptoms.
  • Blisters: Blisters can occur to anyone. Causes of blisters vary from person to person. If you wear ill-fitted shoes for a long time, you can experience blisters. They can be painful or painless depending upon nature.
  • Fluid-filled bubble on the skin
  • Maybe smaller or larger in size
  • Can be found anywhere on the body like heels, ankles, elbows, foot
  • Hives: It appears as a skin rash. Hives can be an after-effect of food or medication reaction or stress. Even allergens can result in hives. With or without medications, it can be healed. But, some severe ones may require immediate and timely action.
  • Red, swollen welts on the skin
  • It can cause itching, burning, and can sting as well.
  • Sometimes hives are mildly painful
  • Hives are round, ring-shaped or large, and amorphous.
  • Actinic Keratosis: This skin disease is also known as solar keratosis. The name quite evidently suggests that years of sun exposure is the cause of this disease. It can take many years to develop. It can be cancerous in some cases; therefore it is operated as a precautionary measure.
  • A rough and red scaly patch on the skin
  • It can occur anywhere on the body–face, lips, ears, scalp, neck, forearms, hands, foot.
  • Actinic Keratosis can have a brown or gray base as well
  • Rosacea: It is a common skin disease. Redness, visible blood vessels, and pus-filled bumps on the face are the symptoms of rosacea. It is mistaken for acne or other skin conditions. Middle-aged women with fair skin are mostly affected by it.
  • There are subtypes of Rosacea having different symptoms
  • People with chronic diseases that go through cycles of fading and relapses can also suffer from it.

Skin Disorders

  • Relapses can be activated by stress, sunlight, alcohol, spicy food, and intestinal bacteria
  • Eczema: Itchy inflammation of the skin. It typically appears on the arms and behind the knees, but it can be found anywhere on the skin.
  • It is visible as yellow or white patches
  • Hair loss may occur in the affected area
  • It can be red, greasy, or oily

Other than this, measles, psoriasis,  cellulitis, latex allergy, carbuncle, melanoma, and many more skin diseases can affect a human being. Do not take it lightly. Seek medical treatment if you spot the first symptom. Even home plants and other Kitchen ingredients can be used to treat skin diseases if you are looking for a natural solution.