Best Sex Toys for Couples:

Best Sex Toys for Couples:

Using sex toys yourself is quite different from using them with your partner. The sex toys you are using are specially designed for a single person, whereas couple sex toys are designed specifically for couples to heat their sex sessions. Though there is not much difference between using sex toys yourself and using them with a partner, you must follow specific rules. When you have a partner with you, there are endless opportunities, and to utilize it to the full potential, there must be a specific understanding between the two.

Several toys are specially designed for couples to offer them the utmost pleasure. You can use your sex toys too while having fun with your partner. Exchanging toys or trying your toys on your partner is pure bliss as it offers you the utmost pleasure. Below mentioned are some of the sex toys that are best for couples from Love Sex Toys experts team.


Several vibrators are specially designed for every kind of pleasure. External wands, bullets, rabbits, and insertable vibrators are very popular and acclaimed worldwide. The right kind of vibrator for you depends on the use that you are looking forward to. If you want to use it along with your partner, there are several specific vibrators available. The size and shape of the vibrator play a vital role in partnered sex. If you are looking forward to using the vibrator during penetration, consider the size. Besides, the size should be such that it can be held comfortably.

Below mentioned are some of the best vibrators specially designed for couples.

Partner Whale:

Partner whale is a satisfying vibrator that can be used by both partners to enhance their sex sessions. It comes fitted with two motors that vibrate and can offer pleasure to both you and your partner at the same time. There are three vibrations offered and can be selected as per requirement. This vibrator can be used while your partner is inside you.

Double Vibrating Rabbit Cock Ring:


This toy is specially designed for couples and can offer pleasure to both at the same time. It has built-in rabbit ears and cock ring. The ears massage the clitoris while the cock ring offers enhancement in the shaft. This toy offers the best simulation to both the partners.

Vibrator (Eva 2)


The Eva 2 vibrator is similar to a cock ring, just that the women instead of the men wear it. Instead of being worn by the men, the women wear this vibe to enhance the sex experience. This sex toy is waterproof, giving you plenty of chances to have fun with your partner. This vibrator, when worn by the women, makes the whole process much more straightforward and easy.

Dildos, Plugs, and Strap on:

Dildos are trendy sex toys, especially for women. Couples can use these toys too. Dildos are very popular worldwide as it helps women reach climax easily and use them when their partners are not home. Dildos these days are innovative and can be used by both people. There are plenty of dildos that can be used during couple sex and can be used with vibrators to enhance the experience. Anything that helps to penetrate one another is a form of a dildo. The dildo comes in various shapes, sizes, and colors.

You can select a dildo as per your preference as there are plenty of dildos available in leading stores and online e-commerce stores. Dildos can be bought in big sizes and thicker in width as per your requirement. If you are in for black cocks, you can go for a black colored dildo for the best experience.



Plugs are trendy sex toys and are primarily used by couples looking forward to an anal experience. Plugs offer simulation in the butt region and help to have anal sex healthily. You can provoke you with anal plugs before a heated session of anal sex. Plugs are very popular among couples that like penetration and anal sex.

Strap Ons:


Are you looking for a reverse role action with your partner, then get the strap ons as wearing it you come in charge. Strap ons are trendy sex toys allowing you to penetrate your partner using them. You can use strap ons for an oral experience with your partner for an ultimate climax. Get your partner to go down on you while wearing the strap on for an ultimate experience.

BDSM and Role-Play Toys:

BDSM is one of the most exciting sexual acts that you can do with your partner. Ensure that you both have understanding and consent for the same for the best experience. BDSM enthusiasts can use various types of sex toys to enhance their sexual experience. There are several toys specially designed for BDSM partners. BDSM partners can use these toys to gain the ultimate experience. Ticklers, pillows, cuffs, and slappers are familiar with BDSM toys that can be found everywhere and very popular.

Below mentioned are some of the BDSM sex toys.



Ticklers are used to seduce partners. Many ticklers have a whip on the other hand that can be used to spank your partner to arouse her sensation.



These handcuffs are much similar to the once used for criminals. The dominant uses this toy to chain his partner and treat them the way they like. Handcuffs are very popular and are perfect for BDSM partners.

Bondage Tape:


Bondage tapes are sex toys that are used for BDSM play roles and are very popular. Bondage tapes are tapes but nothing similar to ordinary tapes that are hard to remove. These tapes can be removed easily without hurting the skin after the BDSM session is over while having the session. The bondage tape enhances the BDSM play role to the next level showing what the dominant can do. For a healthy BDSM session with your partner, you both must come to consent for the same.

Sensational play toys help you to play with all your senses and offer a unique experience. Bondage tapes, blindfolds are typical examples of sensational toys as it offers a unique experience to all the senses.