What Makes Everyone Go Crazy for Dry Needling

What Makes Everyone Go Crazy for Dry Needling

The dry needling method is gaining popularity in the market today. Everyone wishes to go for this non-scientific method to release pain in place of the medical treatments. It is a modern replacement of the traditional method of improving blood flow that was introduced by the Chinese. Below mentioned is a brief overview of the modern dry needling method and its basic uses.

Origin of The Therapy

The term was first used by Janet G. Travel in the book that she published in 1983. She talked about the method but did not go much in the details. The method was expanded and gained popularity as the concept was applied in the daily methods of treatment.

Uses Of Dry Needling Method

  • The dry needling method is preferred by athletes and the elderly to relieve muscular pains and gain a healthy lifestyle. It involves the insertion of needles in the muscles and tissues that helps in relieving pain. All kinds of sports injuries can be cured by this method. In recent years, it has also been made applicable to cure migraines and headaches. It has proved to be pretty effective in these fields as well. It relieves neck pains and back pains alongside general muscle pains.

Benefits Of Dry Needling

  • Dry needling improves the immunity of your body. It increases the mobility of the body muscles and in this way, it decreases the chances of injuries. One of the main factors that induce weakness to your body are trigger points and knots that can be cured by using the dry needling method. By doing so, it increases the mobility of the muscles and improves strength.

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Needles Used In The Method

  • The method involves the usage of stainless steel made needles just as in acupuncture. But these needles are larger comparatively. They have increased diameter and width. They are inserted through the skin to the muscles, healing them directly. You might feel a general twitch during the process that releases the pain.

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