What Are The Benefits Of Physiotherapy


Brampton physiotherapists will give you some information about the benefits of different types of physiotherapy that anyone can take advantage of.

The benefits of hydrotherapy have been known for millennia. Water treatment is one of the oldest, most affordable and completely safe methods of treating a variety of diseases.

Vichy shower

Relaxing procedure, reminiscent of warm summer rain, with an anti-stress effect on the whole body. The various programs of this hydrotherapy will give you the opportunity to emphasize the desired place of the body where you can achieve the greatest effect. This water dance has a detoxifying, slimming and rejuvenating effect and will make you feel energized and refreshed.

Pearl and Aroma-pearl bath

When you dip into the hot mineral water of a hydrotherapy bath with essential oils dissolved in it, you will feel both physical and mental rest. Hydro-balloons massage the body and fragrant oils release the senses.

Physical health is directly related to positive thinking, it has a great influence on our infusion and our sense of worth. Therefore, this procedure is more than a physically pleasing Spa Therapy. Regular use of the hydrotherapy bath completely heals the body, relieves back pain and rheumatic symptoms, restores the nervous system and removes muscle tension, chases insomnia and stress.

Indulge in a bath with balloons that gently massage you and choose a supplement from:

  • Delicate bath for delicate and sensitive skin with sweet almond oil
  • Energy bath with rosemary oil
  • Balancing bath with orange and linden oil
  • Harmonizing bath with lavender oil
  • Relaxing bath with field flower oil


A high-intensity underwater jet massage that helps relieve tension and stress, as well as reduce cellulite and excess weight. It can be used effectively for the treatment of the whole body or parts of it, for complete relaxation, weight loss and toning. Therapy improves blood circulation, skin elasticity, as well as muscle tone. In a pleasant and exciting way, you will find the beneficial effect of mineral water on your body. This special therapy is suitable for the musculoskeletal and nervous system, activates metabolism and improves digestion.

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Tangent bath

Professional hydrotherapy bath where massage nozzles tone the entire body. The procedure has a lasting drainage effect on the lower limbs and is perfectly combined with anti-cellulite and rehabilitation programs.

Hydrocolon therapy

Intestinal hydrotherapy is a safe and effective method for complete washing of the colon without the use of laxatives.
By introducing pre-filtered and tempered water into the intestine, the natural peristalsis is activated and the accumulated and stagnant excrement in it is softened and discarded.
This method helps to regulate the function of the entire intestinal tract. It hydrates the body, eliminates toxins and waste metabolites. It improves metabolism and increases the body’s immunity.

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