Tips to Stay Safe and Healthy During the Pandemic

Tips to Stay Safe and Healthy During the Pandemic

The coronavirus outbreak affected everybody’s lives. The ‘new normal’ isn’t even steady, with extra changes enacted what seems like every other week. In such a climate, it’s not surprising that many feel stressed and overwhelmed.

Although it may be challenging nowadays, it’s more important than ever to put effort into maintaining your health. Let’s see what you can do to ensure physical and mental well-being as we collectively work to combat the pandemic.

Follow the Guidelines

Most importantly, follow the CDC safety guidelines. The suggested precautionary measures are there for a good reason.

Even if you work from home, you likely go out for walks and do grocery shopping in large stores. Abiding by the rules in these settings is the best way not to catch or spread the virus.

  • Wear a mask. You shouldn’t pull it down outdoors if you’re at a place where social distancing is difficult.
  • Wash your hands. Carry hand sanitizer to apply before and after visiting any shop.
  • Keep the distance. If possible, move away from strangers, even if they’re wearing their masks.

Adhering to these rules means doing your part in helping the professionals keep the virus under control.

Maintain Your Healthcare

COVID-19 has kept many people away from the doctor’s office. They’d miss their regular checkups to avoid exposure to sick people. However, at-risk patients should continue routine visits.

If you no longer have your healthcare coverage due to job loss, you might struggle even more to schedule a meeting.

You don’t want to end up with an ailment because it was risky to see a professional, though. Find a new source of low-cost health coverage to get you through the period.

Physical Health

Let’s examine ways to keep your immunity healthy to get you through this challenging period.

Eat Well

Maintaining a healthy, balanced diet can boost your immune system. Your daily meals should include:

  • Fruits and vegetables
  • A lot of low-fat protein
  • Healthy fats
  • Whole grains
  • Enough water and herbal teas

Eating well can also help you feel more energized, which does wonders for fighting off the blues.

Stay Active

The pandemic likely kept you out of the gym and limited your daily step count.

If you used to go to public class for your exercise, find a free YouTube program to supplement for the time being, for example. You can switch up the walk from work by going to a local park.

Another way to maintain your activity levels is by incorporating more casual movement into your day. You could clean your house, do some gardening, or walk around the room while taking phone calls.

Mental Health

Maintaining your mental well-being during isolation is quite a feat, but it’s possible.

Practice Mindfulness

Uncertainty about the future is a new part of everybody’s reality. Staying in the present moment can help you overcome anxiety and loneliness.

You don’t have to start a full-blown meditation practice, either. Incorporating mindfulness into parts of your day where your mind would usually get busy with worries tends to be enough.

For instance, if you’re eating, put your phone down and focus on the meal. If your thoughts start wandering, take several deep breaths and try to experience the taste. With time, these behaviors become natural.

Stay Connected

Self-isolation can make you feel abandoned, especially if you live alone. However, the lack of in-person contact doesn’t mean you shouldn’t communicate with your loved ones.

Call your friends and family. If it feels like you have nothing to talk about, play games or watch shows with the people you care about.

Stay Informed (But Don’t Over-Scroll)

Another thing that often happens during uncertain times is information overload. The desire to keep yourself informed can send your anxiety levels sky-high.

So, choose one or two news sites to visit. Determine a set amount of time each day for catching up and let it go afterward.

Take It Slow

As everything changes at a breakneck pace, take the time to slow down. Be kind to yourself and don’t expect too much. For now, your only tasks are to stay healthy and do what you can to keep others safe.