Three Tricks to Keeping Healthy New Year’s Resolutions


Every January, people flock to the gym and other health centers trying to shed some of their holiday pounds and get in shape for the New Year. This year, take advantage of some quick tools to help you stay the course and keep your resolutions.

Go Green

What better way to start the year than by making healthier food choices? Choosing food that is organically grown or locally sourced will help you cut down on ingredients that may have harmful additives. Before worrying about your wallet, check out some of the smaller markets in your area. From coast to coast farmer’s markets are popping up across the country and are a great option for healthier food.

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Be Informed

Dieting is always a challenge. So instead, start this year off by eating smarter. Eating smarter means taking the time to research what is in your food and identifying what is helping your diet and what is holding you back. This relatively easy trick will help you manage your food choices; without losing out on your favorite dishes. Dieting is not difficult when you take an informed approach to it.

Boost Your Exercise

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Supplements have been a prominent part of the healthy eating scene for a while. More recently, peptides have been becoming increasingly popular as a means to boost both weight loss and muscle gains. Experts, like Ryan Smith, a research expert from Lexington KY,  are looking at utilizing these tools further to aid with repair and recovery. Take the time to talk to your doctor to see if these would be a good fit for you.

Now that you have made your resolutions keep them. Choosing to eat healthier, paying attention to ingredients and working with your doctor will help you stay on track.  This year is your year, don’t let anything stop you.