The Types Of Boat Lifts

The Types Of Boat Lifts

Owning a boat is an amazing experience, particularly during the warmer months. At the same time, it is important for people to take care of their boats, as this is a valuable investment. Marine boat lifts are an essential tool that can protect boats, particularly during the cooler months. There are three types of boat lifts in which a boat owner can invest. Each boat lift has its benefits and drawbacks, which everyone should know.

The Bottom Standing Lift

Also known as a freestanding lift, the bottom-standing boat lift is one of the most common options in the industry. Those who have a fixed dock that sits in shallow water (of no more than 10 feet) with a powdery floor will want to invest in. a bottom-standing lift. There are multiple categories of bottom-standing lifts including vertical, shore ramps, cantilever, and pontoon boat lifts. This is one of the easiest boat lifts to install. With proper maintenance, this lift should last for years.

The Floating Lift

Next, the floating lift is ideal for anyone who boats in levels that fluctuate from time to time. Some bodies of water have water levels that fluctuate based on the season. As the water level rises and falls, some lifts might not be able to reach the water. This can make it hard to get the boat on the lift. With the floating lift, the structure is going to adjust to the height of the water. This will keep the boat from pressing on the structure, preventing serious damage from taking place. These lifts come in all shapes and sizes and can accommodate nearly any boat.

The Suspended Lift

Finally, the suspended lift is also called a hanging cradle boat lift. This is one of the most durable, permanent options on the market. This can be built onto an existing structure or installed as part of a new building. Many of these lifts come with a high-capacity motor that can handle heavy-duty use. Finally, the maintenance of a suspended lift is minimal. Even though there might be a high upfront costs, users are going to save down the line.

Find The Right Boat Lift

These are a few of the most common boat lifts on the market today. Boat owners need to make sure they have a reliable, safe structure on which they can store their boats when not in use. These boat lifts do exactly that.