Should We Prepare Ourselves For Laser Hair Removal

As with any other procedure, laser hair removal requires some preparation in order to avoid developing skin tags treatment etobicoke. During the procedures, in order to avoid unwanted complications, the recommendations of physicians must be followed.

Laser Hair Removal

Preparation for laser hair removal

One should be prepared 2-3 days before the procedure in laser hair removal services in etobicoke; it is better not to sunbathe to avoid skin burns and to eliminate the risk of hypopigmentation (excessive lightening) of the skin. For 2-4 weeks it is necessary to give up any hair removal methods other than shaving. This is necessary for the hair follicle to remain, otherwise laser treatment in laser clinic in etobicoke will fail. On the day before the procedure, the use of any medicinal and cosmetic products is not recommended on the areas where the hair will be removed. This restriction is due to the fact that other microparticles from the side agents can influence the laser radiation, alter the beam path, or contribute to the appearance of burns. The procedure is recommended with a hair length of 1-2 mm. In this way, the doctor in laser clinics in etobicoke will more precisely determine the boundary zone of hair growth, and because of the excessively long hair, the skin will not be burned during heating and destruction. An experienced specialist will tell you when it is best to shave the area selected. In this case, if for some reason you have undergone a procedure with severe hair, the doctor or nurse will cut the hair to the desired length.

The individual features include:

  • the total hormonal background of the person;
  • the thickness of the hair;
  • hair color

 How are laser hair removal sessions conducted in laser clinic in etobicoke?

Before choosing a hair removal method, the doctor determines the patient’s skin type and sensitivity to sunburn. Sometimes, it is necessary to conduct a test session with the effect of different radiations for fine tuning of the laser. It is also useful to determine in advance the pain threshold for the patient and, if necessary, use local anesthesia. Depending on the size of the area being treated, the session can last from a few minutes to an hour.

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What to expect after a laser hair removal session?

The first result of a session in the treatment area by etobicoke laser hair removal services is destroyed by 10 to 30 percent of the hair. The increase in the percentage will not be large, since the destructive effect is only effective with actively growing hair, “visible” to the laser beam. The second session is held no earlier than 3-6 weeks. Depending on the individual nature of the person and the area being treated, hair removal may require 3 to 15 laser hair removal sessions. For the body, 3-8 procedures are often sufficient, and for the face – 8-15 sessions.

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