Know Everything About Abdominal Liposuction

Know Everything About Abdominal Liposuction

We all are aware of how important it is for us to look fit and presentable. No one likes a bulky body or fat stored at any specific area of our body, but some times things don’t come to us as we have planned. Fat stored unevenly in our body can cause severe disease in the long run. In this article, Dr Deepesh Goyal, who is one of the best hair transplant surgeons in Jaipur and hold 13+ years of expertise in Liposuction, and also specializes in handling hair transplant, and various other cosmetic surgeries, describes to us about the complete approach and practice of abdominal Liposuction. Dr Deepesh Goyal gave us the entire procedure on abdominal Liposuction, from how it happens, what it is, and how to get treatment of it. Here’s all you need to understand.

What is Liposuction?

Liposuction treatment is a curative procedure that uses a suction method to remove fat from particular areas of the body, such as the stomach, hips, thighs, buttocks, arms or collar. Liposuction also forms (shapes) in these areas. Other titles for Liposuction involve lipoplasty and body contouring. Liposuction isn’t generally considered an overall weight-loss program or a weight-loss choice. If you’re overweight, you’re expected to lose more weight through diet and training or through bariatric methods such as gastric-bypass treatment than you would with Liposuction. You are a patient for Liposuction if you carry too high body fat in particular places in your body but otherwise have steady body weight.

Why is Liposuction done?


Liposuction is used to exclude fat from areas of the body that haven’t reacted to diet and exercise, such as the:

  • Stomach
  • Upper limbs
  • Buttocks
  • Calves and ankles
  • Chest and back
  • Hips and legs
  • Chin and collar

What is Stomach Liposuction?

Stomach liposuction, famously known under the name abdominal liposuction, is one of the most popular liposuction methods for both men and women. Stomach liposuction also has grown a lot less invasive, mainly since the arrival of the tumescent liposuction procedures. Stomach liposuction is typically performed when there is a set amount of limited fat tissue in a specific area of the stomach. The easiest way to eliminate this fat is through tumescent Liposuction, which is considerably less operational than the traditional liposuction techniques with broad cannulas.

Dr Deepesh Goyal top facts about Stomach Liposuction

  • Abdominal Liposuction will be used for patients that have a fairly good muscle condition and flexible skin. If you have reasonably good skin and a fair amount of muscle in the stomach, you will get good results from a liposuction method.
  • The tummy tuck works somewhat different than the stomach Liposuction since it is not only used to eliminate excess fat but to remove excess skin and to compress your abdominal muscles.
  • While the tummy tuck method, the doctor will make a cut across the lower abdomen. The incision made in the stomach will enable the surgeon to exclude any excess skin and bind the abdominal muscles.
  • Opposite to Liposuction, tummy tuck methods are mainly done for patients who do not have a severe amount of fatty tissue but need the muscle tone or skin flexibility for a toned stomach. The tummy tuck method can also be mixed with abdominal Liposuction in patients who have plenty of weight to drop and could be left with excess skin after the original liposuction method.
  • Stomach liposuction is typically performed when there is a set amount of limited fat tissue in a specific area of the stomach. The most straightforward way to eliminate this fat is via tumescent Liposuction, which is far less surgical than the old-fashioned liposuction methods with broad cannulas.

What to Expect After a Stomach Liposuction?

Since the advent of tumescent techniques in the world of cosmetic treatment, recovery has become a lot more agile. Most patients who leave the hospital after stomach liposuction will not require any strong painkillers and can typically get by with over-the-counter pain killers.

Most patients who have stomach liposuction will feel some slight discomfort after the treatment. The pain most patient’s sense can be related to a light sunburn and is generally noticeable when stretching or touching the affected region.

A study reveals that the tumescent fluid applied in stomach Liposuction can be in the body for a maximum of 18 hours, most patients will not have to consume any extra strong painkiller pill. Most of the pain will occur in the first two days after the treatment and will not require any strong medication. Nevertheless, if you feel the pain that is out of the average for this treatment, you should contact the clinic right away for help.

The majority of patients will also feel some minor inflammation after the liposuction method; this is quite common and usually falls pretty quickly for patients who took the tumescent Liposuction. Any bulging as a result of the treatment usually starts to subside numerous weeks after the treatment. Of course, recovery time may differ from patient to patient.