invisalign in Mumbai

Cosmetic dentistry focuses on improving the way one’s teeth look. Its main focus is appearance of teeth. Depending on what your need is, there are different cosmetic dentistry procedures available today. These include veneers, teeth whitening, bonding, implants and the most recent and improvised Invisalign in mumbai

Known as invisible braces, Invisalign is an innovative dentistry procedure that is a blend of modernity and innovation. These work as the best alternative to traditional braces that are painful and restrictive in nature. They help to make your teeth straight with no discomfort thus avoiding any sort of self-consciousness.

At Invisible Braces clinic in Mumbai, we treat patients of all age groups for different cosmetic dentistry procedures with Invisalign being the main. For anyone who comes to us for any sort of teeth problems, we always suggest the right dentistry treatment.

When it comes to Invisalign, we customize a treatment plan for you. Our renowned dentist, who specializes in this field of Invisalign (known as an orthodontist) will prepare your treatment plan by listing down all your teeth requirements. You are allowed to freely mention what you are looking for in these invisible braces which you will be wearing soon. We also keep in mind the cost and make it affordable for you. But one must remember that these invisible braces cost will highly depend on the number of aligners you need, complexity of your alignment case and the total time the entire treatment will take. This is all discussed at the consultation when you come to meet the doctor in person. At our clinic we also provide our services to patients who live abroad or far away. We have special plans along with a proper scheduling time that is convenient for them and whenever they can come to visit our clinic.

Our highly experienced and renowned orthodontist, Dr. Jignesh Kothari runs one of the best dental clinic in Mumbai who has been a specialist in this field for 47 plus years now will attend to your case personally. He is a Diamond Invisalign provider (which means he has seen 280-399 patients for Invisalign in a single year). He helps determine the right treatment plan for you along with the cost.  

Once he has taken 3D images, your aligners will be sent for fabrication. After they are designed with cutting-edge technology for each aligner, it’s your turn now to maintain them.

Make sure to wear them 20-22 hours daily. They are hardly noticeable because they are transparent. You are permitted to take them out only when you really need to (like for special occasions and events). There are no food restrictions like when you have traditional braces which is a blessing. They can easily be taken out whenever needed.

The major benefit of Invisalign is that there is no irritation from any metal wires or brackets like in traditional braces. The comfort level is 100%. Even brushing and flossing is very simple with these braces. Desired results are achieved within 6-12months. But that’s only possible if you maintain regularity in wearing them.

Our clinic in Santacruz, Mumbai is dedicated in our services for Invisalign for teens and adults alike. We are a top rated Invisalign service that gives smooth and painless experience with least amount of visits. As of date, we have treated over 25,000 of patients. We believe in A Safer Choice where Invisalign is:

  • Painless
  • Comfortable
  • Easily Removable
  • Needs no Emergency admittance
  • Freedom to eat anything and everything
  • Least amount of follows-ups (6-8weeks apart)
  • Remote monitoring
  • 50% faster treatment

Along with a safe choice, it’s also a new normal. It is much safer option than traditional braces as it aids in minimizing the risk of any kind of health transmissions. With this digitalization, the physical procedures are comparatively less without any sort of emergency or regular visit.

We place hygiene at the top of our list which is USA FDA approved since 1998. Our aligners are reliable with a 75% more predictability using a SmartTrack material. You may be provided with aligners either in sets or the complete batch and you will need to change them as per your orthodontist’s instructions. When it comes to the shipping of these aligners, they are directly sent from the manufacturer to the dentist’s clinic in sterile bags thus keeping them in top-notch hygienic conditions.

We make use of the Itero 5D scanner that shows the exact positioning of teeth in high HD. It’s used for easy scanning and examining of dental issues. Treatment can be monitored and the orthodontist can examine results at any given time.

Invisalign in Mumbai is not something you would have difficulty in searching for. With Google giving you a list of places that provide Invisalign treatments, you can opt for the ones closer to you depending on the experience and rating.

Why choose us?

Our clinic is headed by none other than the professional DR. Jignesh Kothari who is number one expert provider for Invisalign treatment in India. Having treated more than 1000 patients with a high success rate, he is efficient and gives the patient enough confidence to get through the entire treatment. With his cases accepted globally, he is trusted with maximum experience.

One can easily reach his clinic located on SV road, Santacruz west in Mumbai.

This article has given you enough proof to trust your dental case into the hands of Dr. Jignesh, a leading Diamond Invisalign provider in Mumbai.