Even though many individuals create custom photo books to preserve pictures and memories from special events or daily life, there are many creative uses for photo books that you can explore. Below are some fun and creative projects that use online photo book technology to turn a basic photo book into a unique and memorable project.

Recipe Books

Why not gather your family’s favorite recipes and make custom photo books featuring images of your meals? Family members or friends can contribute to the photo book by scanning recipes written out on recipe cards, and then send these to the person organizing the book. Since the photo book will be made with an online design tool, family members or friends can send photos and recipes online.



The online graphic design shops such as Mixbook will then allow you to upload images in bulk, saving you a lot of time. Then choose a theme and design to make the recipe book outstanding. You could also scan handwritten recipe cards meaning that you can preserve the personal feel of the recipes. This is particularly meaningful if the recipe has been passed down through several generations.

Once the recipe photo book is made, the completed file can be saved, printed and shared among the family members. Gathering your family’s favorite recipes into custom photo books will allow you to share these traditions with current family and friends and preserve them for future generations.

Fundraising Projects

If you have an upcoming local charity or school fundraising, consider putting together a visual reminder of the event. You could choose to make custom photo books, which can also be sold as fundraising items, and the profits generated can be donated to the local charity. Ideas you can incorporate in the photo book include a heath guide, fitness guide or anything related to the charity.


Another idea would be a nature journal, featuring local vegetation and wildlife. Individuals organizing the local charity or fundraising could also be part of the photo book. You can include their photos and write something about them.

For a fun twist, you could also highlight local landmarks and sights. People will have fun identifying them and having humorous conversations about distinct landmarks. The landmarks could be gardens, signposts, buildings or famous people. However, do ask for permission before using people’s images as most individuals, organizations or schools must authorize the use of their photos.

Photo Books for the Wedding Party

Custom photo books are also perfect gifts to newly married people as well as their family members and friends. The snapshots on the photo book can be formal or informal. You will find that many informal photos from the preparations for the wedding will make beautiful additions to a photo book celebrating the event.


Each photo book project is unique. If you only want to include formal photos, you may want to ask a professional photographer to be in charge of snapping official pictures during the ceremony. If the project is more informal or casual, you might include photos from the planning, to the bridal shower, shopping to preparations on the wedding day, and casual pictures of each member of the bridal party with the bride or groom. Including photos of everyone when they were toddlers or teens is also a fun option. However, be careful when including funny pictures, since these custom photo books will be kept as mementos for years to come.