4 Important Conversations To Have With Your Aging Parents

4 Important Conversations To Have With Your Aging Parents

Getting older is a fact of life. As you’ve gotten older, so, too, have your parents. As they’ve gotten older, you may have started to notice that they have difficulty doing things they used to do without issue.

It’s hard to watch the ones who used to take care of you start needing help themselves. As they begin to get older, however, you need to have some crucial (and potentially awkward) conversations with them. Here are four discussions that you should have with your aging parents.

How Is Their Physical and Mental Health?

You may have noticed that your parents are having a bit more difficulty moving around or performing basic tasks like cooking or cleaning. Maybe they’re having a harder time remembering things. Make sure that you know what their medical conditions are and what (if any) medications they’re on. If you notice significant shifts, you may also want to encourage them to get checked out by a physician.

What Are Their Plans for Living Arrangements?

Getting older doesn’t mean that your parents have to go to a nursing home. Perhaps they’d like to stay in their current Bethesda residence. If they need help, would you be able to provide it? Or would hiring home health care bethesda maryland make more sense? Maybe you’d prefer it if they came to live with you or that they would benefit from assisted living. No matter where they want to live, it’s vital that you respect their decisions.

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What Is Their Financial Situation?

As your parents start needing more help, you need to be aware of their financial situation. Some topics to cover in this conversation include:

  • What income sources they have.
  • Their expenses.
  • Their financial records.
  • What health insurance they have in addition to Medicare.
  • If they’ve done any estate planning.

Do They Have an End-of-Life Plan?

This conversation can be very difficult for both you and your parents, but it is necessary. Do they have any instructions such as a DNR? Do they have specific wishes for a funeral and burial or cremation? Are there any pets or other dependents that will need care after they’re gone? While this conversation can be especially emotionally-draining, not knowing the answers can be even harder.

Having discussions with your parents about getting older can be downright awkward and uncomfortable. They’re also critical for ensuring that your parents live the rest of their lives the way that they want to. Plan your talks ahead of time and give your parents plenty of notice so that they have time to prepare as well.